How We Got Here

We are two friends committed to the idea that life experience is not something we are willing to compromise on our journey to becoming successful professionals.  And so, the beginning is... that there was really no beginning - Nicole and I met at work, and then suddenly, with little planning, we were in California together, with a white convertible, a sense of joie de vie, and open hearts. I was escaping, because it's my favorite form of travel, and Nicole was traveling, as it's her favorite form of escape.

Ten days, wrong turns, lots of stories, being led by the locals, and all kinds of beauty and interest... now, we're close friends, and suddenly, business partners on another adventure. One that is very directly influenced by others... you choose our adventure.

The idea between YCOA comes from the Choose Your Own Adventure books we enjoyed as children. YCOA is an improvement on this idea for a few reasons.
1. It's LIVE. And therefore, unexpected.
2. We bring you along. Through the blog and twitter, you can follow our crazy escapades and hear the story as it unfolds.
3. You're choosing; we're doing! At every crossroads, there are a few directions the journey can take. Each person gets a vote.

In this social experiment, we believe in connecting to an audience - in many different ways, through blog posts and tweets, through photographs and art, and directly, while on YCOA trips. We're in this for the adventure.